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Talisman - Character Pack #5 - Martyr

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Talisman - Character Pack #5 - Martyr

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Character pack release for Talisman: Digital Edition - The Martyr.

The Martyr has an extremely powerful ability – she can automatically win a battle for the price of one life!

Purchase this character pack to add the Martyr to your character collection. She is then available to choose in all game modes.

Martyr Stats

  • Strength - 3
  • Craft - 3
  • Fate - 4
  • Lives - 5
  • Alignment - Good

Special Abilities (from the character card)

When you attack another character, you may choose to make the attack psychic combat. You may not do this when you are attacked by another character.

When you attack a character or creature in battle, and you have at least two lives, you may sacrifice one life to automatically win the battle. You cannot sacrifice a life when you are attacked by another character.

After rolling the die when praying, you may add 1 to the score.

You are always good; ignore any effect that changes your alignment.

System Requirements

  • This content requires the base game Talisman: Digital Edition on Steam in order to play.
  • Note: This product requires a third-party download and account